LinkedTV Editor Tool v2.0

The LinkedTV Editor Tool (ET) offers a dashboard for broadcaster programme teams to utilize LinkedTV’s automatically generated annotations to quickly produce high quality contextual information queues for their viewers.

All automatically extracted information is retrieved from a customizable list of trusted web sites to ensure high relevance and trustworthy provenance.

Use automatically extracted annotations & hyperlinks to quickly create information queues for your viewers

Use autocomplete and dynamic lookup to quickly find information that LinkedTV did not provide for you automatically

Ultimately publish all edited information to the LinkedTV platform and enable viewers to watch your broadcast in your own LinkedTV player

Try out the tool yourself!

To give you the chance to try out the ET, LinkedTV graciously processed and analyzed this video licensed with a Creative Commons license.

Open video
Open video
Open video

It's open source!

LinkedTV acknowledges the infinite variety of possible use cases of LinkedTV technology. For this reason, the ET code is open source, so it's possible for your IT department to customize a editor tool specific for your programme team's needs.

So, if you want to contribute or customize the ET for your own specific needs: find us on GitHub!

Read more on LinkedTV

The project website offers insights into upcoming events, project updates, the people behind LinkedTV, links to scientific papers and much more.

Who made this happen

The Editor Tool was built by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in close collaboration with the LinkedTV consortium:

Special thanks

Our external partners who provided us with their content and valuable feedback